What is a 3D Movie?

A 3D movie is actually a motion picture which enhances the illusion of depth perception. This kind of technology has been derived from stereoscopic photography, which happens to be a very special feature of motion picture cameras.
What Technology is Used?
This particular photography technology is used for recording images as they are viewed with the use of two perspectives, as computer-generated imagery generates these two aforementioned perspectives. In order to see these two perspectives, there has to be a special projection hardware or eyewear that is necessary in order to provide an illusion of depth whenever that particular 3D movie is being viewed by the public.
The History of 3D Movies
It is a fact that the technology existed back then, but it was only in the start of 2010 that it was further developed into a much more tangible product. Today, 3D movies are being widely relegated to a particular niche within the movie business particularly because of the highly expensive hardware, which, in turn, are ultimately necessary. Aside from the hardware, there are also certain processes that are required in order to come up with a 3D movie.
3D movies had a global resurgence back in the 1980’s and 90’s when IMAX theaters dominated the high end cinema industry, as well as some venues themed by Disney. At present, 3D movies are gradually becoming more and more successful as time goes by, especially after the unprecedented global success of Avatar back in December of 2009.
Different entertainment-related companies within the movie industry have now turned 3D in most of their endeavors. The main reason for this is the fact that 3D movies are presently becoming one of the biggest moneymakers in the entire world, specifically in Hollywood.
Various companies came up with their own versions of 3D movies in order to be part of the current excitement and hype that surrounds the greatest blockbuster of all time, so far Avatar. It grossed as much as 2.4 billion dollars in global ticket sales, figures that make this particular movie by James Cameron the highest grossing film to have ever been made.
Many might be wondering why everyone is just simply nuts when it comes to 3D movies. However, if only everyone could actually view a movie in its three-dimensional make up, then for sure, they will be able to understand why everyone has become 3D-crazy. In fact, ever since the blockbuster Avatar was released thirty-three percent of the earnings from box office films came from 3D movies. These statistical results are in accordance to the results made by the trade group the International 3D Society.

What makes these figures even more impressive is that the thirty-three percent coverage only includes four 3D movies. Just imagine what the figures could have been if each and every 3D movie is included in the research.
Whenever people are trying to figure out why a lot of television manufacturers, cable companies, and movie makers have gone wild with 3D, know that consumers will willingly pay for more just to feel the 3D movie experience.

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