10 Exceptionally Valuable Tips From Experienced Painting DIY Maniacs

As a highly-motivated do-it-yourself-er who started re-painting project recently, I summed up some of the most essential tips I found on the net. It is always better to listen to those, who failed a task and learnt from it than thinking yourself for DIY god. It took me hours and many cups of coffee. Enjoy!

1.If you are going to re-paint the whole room and the carpet is going to the trash, leave it. Once you’ve finished, throw it. You’ll spend time and nerves(covering the floor with newspapers can be time-consuming and boring). Not to mention the fact that there is always a single paint stain somewhere.

2. If you are in love with wallpapers, mark out your papering table along one edge in inches or 100mm increments. It saves the unnecessary wrestling with the measuring tape. Don’t dare to thicken up a thin paste mix by adding more flakes to it.The result is an absolute DIY disaster and spent money. Just mix up an extra thick batch (5 litres of water to one trade size bag) and add the thinner stuff to it.

3. Always keep a pack of acrylic artist colours handy for small tears.

4. It is advisable to set out the room before the start, if you’re doing papering.

5. Ever wondered how to remove the irritating paint stain on your hands? Cause I did. Tried several times to wash the with soap and guess what- it didn’t work. At all. Seriously. Try baby wipes instead. This tip prevented a nervous breakdown.

6. A tip from my own experience-NEVER shake a tin up before you open it. Otherwise you’ll own a modern art on your wall. If it has tissue-like skins on it… eave to lid off and let it thicken up before you try and remove it.

7. You don’t have a decent brush? Use a long pile roller sleeve instead. They will complete the task perfectly. If you dampen the sleeve it will help keep the face of the paper clean and free from paste.

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8. For intricate cutting around moulding use a scalpel knife with curve blades.

9. It is believed that white spirit fumes cause brain damage. You better wear an appropriate mask(a good carbon filter mask).

10. When you line a wall, leave a 1mm gap in the joints if you are papering over it. You absolutely do not need more.

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