Cheap Thailand Travel Tips

Are you planning for a grand vacation and looking for cheap travel Thailand deals? You will not be disappointed because trips to Thailand are very affordable. Your hard earned travel budget will surely go a long way especially if you know how to save money while in Thailand.
To help you make a good budget plan for your trip, here are some practical cheap travel Thailand tips.
Things to Consider Before Your Trip
You can start your search for cheap travel Thailand deals from the Internet. There are numerous travel and tours agencies online that provide good deals for travelers. You have to shop around so you can widen your options.
The low tourist season is the best time to get cheap travel Thailand deals. This season starts from May or June until October. Monsoon rains visit Thailand during these months. This means the tourist areas are less crowded and plenty of discounts and special promotions are available for the remaining visitors.
Another important thing to consider is your accommodation. A big part of your budget should be allotted to your accommodation. Fortunately, cheap travel Thailand deals on hotels, cottages, and lodgings are not impossible to find.
If you want to save money, just stick to the basic accommodations. You will still enjoy your stay in a cheap room as long as the place is clean and safe.
Stay Away from Popular Sites
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Prices are more expensive in island resorts than in the mainland. If you want to have fun on the beach, you have to look for a less touristy resort in the mainland. Cheap travel Thailand deals on the mainland resorts are more abundant.
There are also many places in Thailand suitable for free sightseeing. For example, you can visit the ancient temple ruins in the forests near Bangkok. Visiting sacred Buddhist temples is also generally free. Bangkok is itself a great attraction especially the city’s night markets, flea bargain shops, and vibrant nightlife.
Cheap Travel Thailand Transport Deals
Getting around Bangkok is not a problem. There are plenty of public buses, taxis, and motorized taxis on the streets. Thailand also boasts of a functional railway system. If you want to enjoy cheap travel Thailand, then use the public transport system.

For long distance trips to far way provinces, it is advisable to take the night trains. Buses also serve the provincial routes at night. By taking a night trip, you can avoid paying for hotel or motel accommodations. You can just sleep while you are on the road. It is also ideal to buy your train or bus ticket at the stations.
Thailand is a great place where visitors can enjoy a surreal mix of modernity and traditionalism. Amid Western developments, the distinct and indigenous Thai culture and traditions are very much alive in the country. That is why you will surely enjoy your stay in Thailand. And the good news is that cheap travel Thailand deals are easy to find. You can explore the country even if you have a limited budget.

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